Differences between version 16.00.004 and 16.00.005:

Add: 3D mesh check information added to mesh check dialog.
Add: Apex was not saved to struxml file.
Add: At the calculation of maximum of load groups, load groups containing temporary load cases can be selected on load tab load groups window to be ignored in SLS combinations.
Add: Find tool is extended with find GUID option.
Modify: Default weld sizes of steel joints are always whole mm from now on.
Modify: In built-in steel joint module, if all load combinations are calculated by 2nd order analysis, the unnecessary buckling length data are disabled.
Modify: The result of point supports appear separately according to the point support type.
Fix: After modifying rigidity type, timber panel or bolt library items, at loading files that contained these library items with the same name but different parameters, renaming of local items was not executed.
Fix: Arrows of curved Line support motion load were not displayed, if its direction varied along the arc.
Fix: At deflection lengths the relative limit for quasi permanent combinations were stored with wrong value in some special cases.
Fix: Automatic numeric value options did not work correctly for deflection results.
Fix: Automatic numeric values were not always displayed for line reaction and connection force results.
Fix: Border of graphic windows in doc module was not drawn correctly.
Fix: Bracing joint with endplates (BR6) caused crashed if the user defined less than 2 boltrow.
Fix: Checking of relative settlement of point and line foundations were performed all SLS combinations instead of the selected ones.
Fix: Copying result numeric values by rotating them may have caused crash later.
Fix: Creating many copies by Copy function could have cause crash.
Fix: Deflection results displayed on deformed shape in cases of eccentric bars now are drawn to the eccentric axis of the bar.
Fix: Deflection results for columns were overestimated in some special cases.
Fix: Detailed result of steel bar torsional flexural buckling calculation was not displayed correctly.
Fix: Deviation load m calculation is changed from all storey to one.
Fix: Deviation load macro could have generated too long load case names.
Fix: Distribution combo box was not updated at surface section result / Display options dialog, when settings were loaded.
Fix: Edge connection, editing end point behavior, did not work perfectly.
Fix: Eliminating crash after importing corrupted AutoCad DWG files.
Fix: Error message handling at Load combination dialog.
Fix: Even if only name or position number of punching or steel joint was modified, its result became invalid.
Fix: FEM-Design was very slow and laggy in DirectX graphic mode.
Fix: Finite element mesh was not deleted when fictitious shell was splitted.
Fix: For circular edge connections could be edited with end point behavior.
Fix: Formwork estimation of plates was not correct.
Fix: Foundation capacity for drained condition was not calculated correctly if Swedish NA was used.
Fix: Guide lines sometimes did not dissappear after exiting tool.
Fix: I section's web was classified as 4 instead of 3 in steel design calculations in some cases.
Fix: If "Add to documentation" was applied on surface section result, the original results were deleted.
Fix: If design objects were modified while detailed window was opened, program may have crashed.
Fix: If documentation contained design result table for a loadcombination that did not exist anymore, program may have crashed.
Fix: If more than one intermediate section was placed on a beam, its physical model went wrong.
Fix: If the file contains more than 32768 load combinations, they will be deleted during loading the file.
Fix: Importing load cases and combinations may have failed if there were spaces at the end of their names.
Fix: In case of incorrect geometry design calculation of isolated foundation may have caused crash.
Fix: In cracked section analysis using solid soil elements the concrete plate of point and line foundations were considered during the cracking which caused crash.
Fix: In Documentation an attempt to move any item in front of the first Section by ALT+Left mouse button caused crash.
Fix: In load case dialog using (Import/Export)/Paste and Load functions caused crash if there was moving load's case among them.
Fix: In some cases selection mark did not dissappear from bars.
Fix: In some cases the line load's value was overestimated in Deviation load macro.
Fix: In some rare special cases the bar displacement results were wrongly displayed.
Fix: In some special cases (skew reinforcement etc.) the shear resistance of the slab was depend on the local system of the slab. Now it is independent of it.
Fix: In some special cases the calculation of surface load resultant was wrong.
Fix: In some very special cases snap on invisible objects could have caused crash.
Fix: In the Plate module the structures could move horizontally if the beams had eccentricity.
Fix: Irrelevant soil material tables were listed in List dialog even if "Hide irrelevant tables" option was active.
Fix: It was possible to create corbel without connection to the column.
Fix: It was possible to exit the program meanwhile editing table, which caused crash.
Fix: It was possible to place local coordinate system of plates outside of its plane.
Fix: Limit stress of foundation insulation was not considered correctly in the design calculation.
Fix: Limit values of color palette for seismic results were wrong in some special cases.
Fix: Limit values of color palette for solid results were wrong in some special cases.
Fix: List of line support resultant was empty in documentation modul.
Fix: Listing to Excel by using macro-enabled templates did not work.
Fix: Manual combinations of Steel joint / Manual design did not work properly without analysis results.
Fix: Manually modified automatic numeric values were not added to documentation by "Add to docuemntation" function.
Fix: Modification of steel joint detailed result font in documentation caused crash.
Fix: Multiple deflection check could cause crash in special cases.
Fix: Only one accidental load group can defined in load groups window.
Fix: Order of Fillet and Chamfer tools in quick menu was wrong.
Fix: Physical extent for profiled panels did not always work correctly.
Fix: Plane plate, physical extent did not work correctly.
Fix: Program could crash when limit state format was wrong or missed at load combinations dialog / load file or paste action happened.
Fix: program could crash when numeric value edit tool was active and undo has pushed.
Fix: Program could have crashed when shell section result was displayed and undo happened at defining section line.
Fix: Program crashed if Undo was used while cover was being defined.
Fix: Program ocassionally crashed when loading a file with calculated results containing design detailed results in the documentation.
Fix: Punching calculation caused crash in some special cases.
Fix: Punching calculation failed in case of incorrectly placed punching reinforcement or missing plate reinforcement.
Fix: Punching forces were not calculated correctly if large normal stresses wer acting in the shell.
Fix: RC bar detailed result "Display options" dialog did not work correctly when checking ""Crack check" and "Summary".
Fix: Save default didn't worked for snap's settings at Settings/All.
Fix: Scaling values of connection forcus resultant were wrong in some cases.
Fix: Second order analysis results were considered for RC shell calculation, independently from the settings of calculation parameter.
Fix: Selection mark wasn't visible with Ctrl+A or Shift+RB.
Fix: Some controls were missing from RC shell design parameter dialog in case of Windows Classic view.
Fix: Sometimes Bolted knee steel joint was created by default with wrong geometry.
Fix: Sometimes the separation of end points of edge connections were not correct.
Fix: Steel bar design calculation failed for some unusual sections.
Fix: Steel joint module / Bolt library / Add function could cause crash.
Fix: The eccentricities of the hollowcore panels were not zero during diaphragm calculation.
Fix: The Mesh/Smooth function could freeze under some very special circumstances.
Fix: Timber panels were not highlighted when selected in Utilization table, if they were member of a design group.
Fix: Undo may have caused crash if design utilization table was displayed.
Fix: Utilization for column base joints' baseplate check was negative in some rare cases.
Fix: Wall foundation was designed as rc shell, if it was not modelled by line support.
Fix: Wrong prompt at cover definition.
Fix: Wrong transformation of columns by stretch.
Fix: Multiply selection is disabled in Intermediate section, properties.
Fix: RC bar, manual design, detected changes even when nothing happened.
Fix: Text size change caused that result disappear.
Fix: Undo/redo was not disabled all the time in steel joint manual design.

Differences between version 16.00.003 and 16.00.004:

Add: Displayable comments can be attached to the loads. (Click line to see more information about this feature.)
Add: Loads can be exported to the cliboard and imported back from the clipboard with modified values and comments. (Click line to see more information about this feature.)
Add: Soil and hydrostatic pressure loads are separated from ordinary surface loads in the List function.
Add: New timber panel types are added to the library. (Click line to see more information about this feature.)
Add: Deflection check had been added to 3DFrame module.
Add: It is possible to open struxml file that contains geometrically incorrect objects. Incorrect objects won't be loaded.
Modify: Properties of the automatically generated surface-surface connections are now editable.
Modify: From now on it is allowed to modify values and comments of automatically generated (snow, wind and deviation) loads.
Fix: It was not possible to create joint for a column that had corbel.
Fix: In certain cases of Beam to Beam with fin plate joint (BB3) bolt distances were not checked properly.
Fix: Choosing "Code-independent" caused crash if model contained concrete shell.
Fix: Copy no longer picks up axes from protected layers.
Fix: Deviation load was calculated by storey height instead of building height.
Fix: Generic wind load function created incorrect loadgroups if it was executed more than once for a model.
Fix: In the RC shell design groups the applied reinforcement regions were wrongly transformed between the elements of group.
Fix: Program crashed at loading file or pasting from clipboard to "Load combinations" dialog, when limit state name was not a legal name.
Fix: Changing load combination or buckling mode in bar shell detailed result caused crash if the first load combination was for serviceability limitstate.
Fix: Change direction command did not modify point load's direction.
Fix: Batch list was not working properly with load cases.
Fix: If object selected for listing had no position number, its data were not listed.

Differences between version 16.00.002 and 16.00.003:

Add: Steel bar interaction factors for tubular sections are calculated according to Method 1, if user requested it. (Due to this modification, steel bar design results are lost when loading files created in earlier versions.)
Modify: In steel bar design configuration and calculation parameter dialogs, a more detailed description is given about limitations of using general case for lateral torsional buckling calculations and Method 1 for calculation of interaction factors.
Fix: Changing color of profiled panels did not work correctly.
Fix: Program could have crashed at selecting title block in title block editor dialog.
Fix: In some cases the pick selection function did not pick the closest / farthest object.
Fix: Program could have crashed at loading Autocad files, if dwg contained custom objects.
Fix: The "Draw/Arc/Arc by start, end point and tangent" function didn't work in version 16.00.002.
Fix: If foundation happened to be outside the soil, foundation design calculation caused crash.
Fix: In some cases Von Mises stresses were displayed with negative value.
Fix: In case of rare steel sections where y axis was perpendicular to the 1st principal axis plastic shear sheck was not correct.
Fix: Program could have crashed at selecting RC shell - Design force result, after deleting applied reinforcement of some shells.
Fix: Find by guid had too strict syntax rules.
Fix: Profiled panel product id label could have not been moved.
Fix: In some cases RC bar section dimensions were not displayed correctly.
Fix: In case of Class 3 and 4 steel bars design calculation crashed if Method A was used for interaction factor calculation.
Fix: If Numeric value command was launched for RC bar utilization result, program crashed.
Fix: In RC bar detailed result dimension of alpha_cc, alpha_ct and (A_sw,z / s)*f_ywd was not displayed correctly.
Fix: Undo could have caused crash during borehole definition.
Fix: Changes made on surface supports were not recognized.
Fix: In steel joint detailed result, on the joint picture, buckling lengthes were visible if their layer was active in Model window.
Fix: Section and material dialogs can be moved in steel joint module.
Fix: There was a bug by the displaying of the place of the interface position of a line-line connection with different start and end points.
Fix: Program might have crashed at Edit functions (copy, rotate, elbow, etc...)
Fix: Arc by tangent drawing functions did not work correctly.
Fix: Program could have crashed at loading/inserting external references that themself also contained external references.
Fix: Merge objects function was able to make slanted columns.
Fix: Draft print option was inserted into print dialog in doc module and detailed result.
Fix: Elbow function could have crashed if an end point was selected for break point in case of arcs.
Fix: Anchor elongation length was not calculated correctly in column base joint calculation.
Fix: Selecting Turkish code could have caused crash.
Fix: Scrollbars did not work correctly in empty space.
Fix: When displaying steel bar utilization shear stress utilization was considered in some cases even if it was unrelevant.
Fix: If a region was beeing drawn by "Polygon" option, and it was canceled by pressing Space, red "guide" crosses remained displayed.

Differences between version 16.00.001 and 16.00.002:

Add: New diaphragm object and calculation is implemented.
Add: Checking for overlapping beams before deflection caluclation.
Add: Deflection check can be done for the maximum of load groups.
Add: Deflection check can be performed on columns also.
Add: Explanation of unavailable steel joint solutions.
Add: For manual surface reinforcement definition multi-selection of plates and walls is allowed.
Add: Improving deflection calculation.
Add: Listing of deflection results.
Add: Load combinations can be added manually to individual steel joints in the built-in Steel joint module.
Add: Max. of load groups result combination names now have the same format as in case of max. of load combination results.
Add: Only one accidental load group can be defined in the dialog.
Add: Utilization table implemented for deflection utilization results.
Fix: Beams created by Wizard had non-matching cross-section and material.
Fix: Column cursor in Plate module was always 3m long.
Fix: Combination type name was not correct for load group max. listing of RC crack width.
Fix: Compatibility with older *.ldcomb files for SLS combinations.
Fix: Crash activating draw of Region/Hole.
Fix: Deflection length calculation for some special geometries.
Fix: Design calculation launched from the calculation dialog may have failed if new automatic punching object had to be created during the calculation.
Fix: Dimension line definition did not work with "Paralell with line" and "Perpendicular to plane" options.
Fix: Duplicated names at automatic generation of load combinations.
Fix: Eccentricity was not considered in foundation design calculation for undrained soil.
Fix: Foundation detailed result may have crashed for serviceability limit state load combinations.
Fix: Hide/show "AND" operator did not work properly in certain cases.
Fix: If Line temperature command was used, Beam layer was activated.
Fix: In certain cases the sign of the moment taken from the model was not correct in beam-column joints.
Fix: In moment resistance calculation of beam-column joints with end-plate, column flange effective length was not accurate, if top web stiffener was not applied.
Fix: Invalid deflection result is displayed automatically after recalculation.
Fix: Library connection type of profiled panel was not stored when the panel was created.
Fix: Listing of load case, max. of combination and load groups results crashed if limit state was not set after changing the destination.
Fix: Listing of the elastic modulus for soil layers.
Fix: Loading some *.sjn files saved in FD 15.
Fix: Maximum of load combinations deflection result auto min/max values were wrong in some special cases.
Fix: Modification of bar-shell design parameter may have caused crash.
Fix: Moving or copying a window with color schema in documentation module caused crash.
Fix: Now Copy properties function on bars refresh the alignment if it was set to default.
Fix: Pasting file if colour schema was already defined may have caused crash.
Fix: Program could crash at load case calculation after snow load had been generated on profiled panel.
Fix: Program could crash at polygon drawing tool and at removing all guidelines.
Fix: Program could crash at pushing CTRL-Z in edit tool case.
Fix: Program could crash when CTRL-Z was pressed during DRAG edit function.
Fix: Program could crash when CTRL-Z was pressed while doing edit function and gudeline was drawn.
Fix: Result values of auto min/max for deflection is placed to the middle of the bars.
Fix: Saving default sections for steel/timber bar design parameter may have caused crash after loading a file.
Fix: Section text in Documentation module was strike through in Windows 10.
Fix: Soil was not regenerated if foundation object was moved.
Fix: Steel joint BS4 now accepts negative end-plate overhang.
Fix: Steel joint detailed results / Hide warnings display option did not work properly.
Fix: The Delete function could crash in the "User defined view" dialog.
Fix: The steel bar detailed result export to Mathcad sometimes failed for the general Lateral Torsional Buckling calculation.
Fix: Warning message is sent, if windload can not be generated on a storey, because of geometrical errors.
Fix: There was a run-time error when nonlinear soil calculation was applied and in the model there were trusses and beams.
Modify: Add height and length of walls to the wall list.
Modify: All steel data are editable when new material is created.
Modify: For steel joint BS4 tensioned flange weld is calculated according to SBI Publication 187 Equation 68, if the endplate height is smaller than the beam height.
Modify: From now the message "It is unambiguous which structural element this point load is acting on. One of them will be chosen randomly." is not displayed in case of cover generated loads.
Modify: Results of files made in earlier versions are deleted due to new diaphragm calculation.

The first official release was 16.00.001.